Digital Xrays and OPG
An OPG, otherwise known as orthopantomogram, is a great way to acquire a panoramic view of the mouth as well as the teeth and bones of both upper and lower jaws. It is clearly a method preferable to any other alternative, as it allows both doctor and patient to get an easy view of what is going on in the patient's oral area/health and greatly aids in assessment as well as treatment decisions. Namely, through such a digital dental x-ray, conditions like fractures, dislocation, infection, tumors, sinuses, teeth cavities or even a general teeth review are all easily monitored and diagnosed. While of course, a proper and accurate diagnosis is essential in treating any underlying dental condition, the benefits of OPG do not end there. Benefits of OPG Employing this state of the art digital x-ray method has a host of other benefits. There are no chemicals involved in the whole process, and any radiation you might experience is minimal and negligible. It is estimated that you will be exposed to roughly 90% less radiation than you would have had, had you settled for a traditional X-ray technique. What is perhaps most important to you, however, is that the procedure is completely painless and rapidly quick. It requires no special preparation beforehand, and the only thing you should keep in mind is that in cases where the patient is pregnant they should let the doctor know, as fetuses are vulnerable to even these tiny bits of radiation. The Procedure The procedure is rather straightforward. After you remove any jewels or metal objects you might have, you will be moved to the X-ray area. You will be asked to sit in front of the machine, all the while resting your chin on a small rest shelf. You might need to bite gently on a mouthpiece to keep your head in place and steady, as staying still is very important. You will feel zero discomforts during the whole process. Contact Us We highly encourage you to give our digital X-ray and OPG services a try. They are quick, reliable, effective and produce zero discomforts whatsoever. Always keep in mind that the earlier we diagnose a condition, the easier it is to treat it. Thus, make sure you contact us and set up an appointment if something is ailing you. Our dental clinic, Smile Works Dental, is situated at 101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen Vic 3754.