Patient Friendly Approach
General Dental Surgery
A dental clinic's reputation depends on its quality of service and the level of satisfaction its patients have after receiving said services. We have a long reputation of success and we intend to keep it this way. To do so, we approach each patient's individual needs in an open-minded, patient-friendly way. Our staff is expertly trained not just in dental services but also proper, heart warming communication.
What differentiates our approach
  • We are not interested in just getting through the workday. What we want is to give you a solution to your problem, preferably one that is long-term and sustainable. Ideally, we would wish you to learn how to take care of your oral health well enough that you would no longer need our own dental services.
  • We are open-minded and capable of listening attentively to your specific situation, without rushing to our own conclusions. Your input and your experience are valuable to us, and we will take great care to take it into consideration on all our appointments together.
  • We heavily dislike keeping numerous patients crammed for hours in the waiting room. We will do our best, everything that is within our reach, to accommodate you as fast and as efficiently as possible.
  • We totally understand that dental care appointments are sometimes uncomfortable or even outright scary for some people. If you have any such worries, we guarantee you that our professionalism, dedication to patient service, and friendly attitude and demeanor will quickly disarm them.
  • We constantly invest in the expansion of our training and education as new methods and techniques are created in the field of dentistry, as well as the acquisition of the most up to date and upgraded equipment. This is to ensure that every single one of our patients enjoys the highest quality of care, in every way possible.
Set Up An Appointment We are at utterly convinced that our patient-friendly approach is unlike anything you have ever experienced. We encourage you to contact us, set up an appointment and see for yourself. Smile Works Dental, our state of the art dental clinic, is situated at 101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen Vic 3754.