Teeth Whitening
As you will have surely noticed, there is a lot of people who suffer from teeth discoloration and staining. In many cases, these are people who actively try to take care of their teeth. They brush, floss and clean them often and well enough, but they are still unable to maintain a pretty white color. In these cases, a teeth whitening procedure might be in order. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive and conservative dental cosmetic treatment option that is being used by millions of people around the world. There are two main ways you can approach this: Undergoing teeth whitening or bleaching by a specialized, trained dentist in-office or by getting at-home teeth whitening products, like toothpaste and gels, and going about it by yourself. Both will produce results, but in most cases, we would recommend you attend/see a dentist as the effect is both more pronounced as well as longer lasting. Whitening Or Bleaching? Even though these two terms are quite often used interchangeably they have a slightly different meaning. In essence, teeth whitening is a process that will restore the original color of your teeth. It will remove any dirt, stain or debris and bring them back to the way they were before. Bleaching, on the other hand, is when your dentist makes your teeth a few shades whiter than their natural color. Whenever you see extremely white teeth keep in mind that they are probably the product of a bleaching treatment. What You Should Expect Whether you decide to go for a simple restoration of your natural teeth color or a little bit of extra bleaching, you should expect a drastic improvement of your smile's aesthetics. We often let our everyday habits, like smoking or coffee overconsumption, stain our pretty pearls so much, that the difference pre and post-treatment are quite simply, staggering. That being said, you should make note that any teeth whitening or bleaching procedure is not permanent. You should do your best to maintain and prolong the whitening effect by employing sound dental care habits and practices regularly and with no error. Otherwise, you are likely to restain and darken your teeth once again, eventually. Contact Us Teeth whitening is probably the easiest and most accessible way to enhance the way your smile looks. We would highly recommend it to everyone interested in doing so, as it is both highly effective, rapid and completely safe and secure. If you would like to enjoy our teeth whitening services, make sure you contact us and set up an appointment. Our dental clinic, Smile Works Dental, is situated at 101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen Vic 3754.